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What rules does a probationer have to observe?


Pursuant to the Penal Code, the probationer has to observe the following requirements:

  • To reside in a permanent place of residence determined by the court;
  • To report at intervals determined by the probation supervisor at the probation supervision department;
  • To submit, in his or her place of residence, to the supervision of the probation officer and provide the probation officer with information relating to the performance of the offender's obligations and his or her means of subsistence;
  • To obtain the permission of the probation officer before leaving the place of residence for longer than fifteen days;
  • To obtain the permission of the probation officer before changing residence, employment or place of study.

The court may impose the following additional obligations for a period of probation:

  • To remedy the damage caused by the criminal offence within a term determined by the court;
  • Not to consume alcohol or narcotics;
  • Not to hold, carry or use weapons;
  • To seek employment, acquire general education or a profession within the term determined by the court;
  • To undergo the prescribed treatment if the probationer has previously consented to such treatment;
  • To perform the maintenance obligation;
  • Not to stay in places determined by the court or communicate with persons determined by the court;
  • To perform other voluntarily assumed obligations.

If a person violates the requirement of probation period, a probation officer shall prepare a report to the court shall decide to amend or refuse to amend the conditions of probation period. The court may enforce the punishment, extent the probation period or impose additional obligations.