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College of Justice


The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences holds a firm place in the development of internal security in Estonia and in society at large. The academy with its nearly one thousand students provides educational opportunities for fresh high school graduates and already employed specialists alike.

The College of Justice, a unit of the Academy, provides both professional higher education and vocational training on the basis of secondary education to all those wishing to make society safer and reduce crime. Graduates of the college are employed in the Prison Service, administered by the Ministry of Justice.

Continuously updated curricula and academic conditions, expanding internship opportunities and study trips all support the learner’s development and help to successfully cope with a job down the line.

The role of a prison officer is not limited to keeping order in the prison – equally important is to help prisoners prepare for a new honest life outside of prison. The objective of the prison system is to reduce the perpetration of new offences, thus increasing safety in society. All this can only happen with the involvement of educated and motivated employees.

Vocational training in the specialty of Prison Officer provides a good foundation for a career in the Prison Service: graduates gain thorough understanding of the Prison Service while learning practical skills and gaining practical knowledge essential for work as a supervision officer.

Studies last for one year. The curriculum includes the following topics:

  • General studies and basic skills;
  • Specialty-specific law;
  • Psychology and criminology;
  • Self-defense and weapons use;
  • Surveillance and security related work;
  • Practical prison-based training.

The College of Justice offers students the following opportunities:

  • Candidates that prove successful in public competition may be employed at a prison during their studies, subject to a monthly salary of no less than 750 euros. The basic scholarship is 260 euros.
  • Free dorm accommodation
  • Free meals
  • Guaranteed employment for graduates with the Prison Service

Professional higher education in the specialty of Correction provides graduates with valuable knowledge in law, administration, management, social sciences, psychology, and the field of prisons more generally. All these skills and knowledge help secure legal order in prison and guide prisoners to a law-abiding path, therewith all in all strengthening the nations’ internal security.

Studies last for three years. The curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Basics of general social work;
  • Correctional social work and penal pedagogy;
  • Organizational behavior and organization management;
  • Correctional psychology;
  • In-depth specialty-specific law;
  • Self-defense, weapons use, and first aid;
  • Criminology and penal policy;
  • Language studies;
  • Practical prison-based training.

The College of Justice offers students the following opportunities:

  • Scholarship of up to 760 euros, depending on excellent study results
  • Accommodation in Academy dorm
  • Free Prison Service uniform
  • One third of the curriculum constitutes internship in new prisons in Estonia
  • Guaranteed employment for graduates with the Prison Service.

Lecturers and instructors at the College of Justice are highly qualified practitioners, engaged in active service, who benefit from in-depth knowledge in both their specialty and the Prison Service in general. Numerous training sessions with prison services of other countries have also provided the educators with a broader overview of their field in the world at large.

Visit the College’s home page or come see us at trade fairs and seminars to find out more about study opportunities offered by the College of Justice.