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The purpose of providing education is to prepare the detainee for release, by supporting the person's complete development and the increase of coping ability. Educating in prison is organized by the Ministry of Education and Research.

In prison, it is possible to obtain the basic, secondary and vocational education both in Estonian and in Russian. The most common professions are metal and woodwork and construction and sewing. The detainee can also apply for a permit to study outside the prison. Non-Estonians are integrated into the Estonian society by the state language and civic duty courses organized by the prison. The studying is supported by the prison library. At the juvenile prison works a social teacher who advises and supports the youth in studying. In order to improve the cooperation between the school and the prison and to better counsel the detainees in issues of education, the position of an education administrator was created in the prisons. Hobby education and cultural and sports events are organized by the hobby leader.