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Prison Committees


A safe and balanced civil society requires mutual understanding from all members of society. That is why prisons cannot be a closed system; instead what is going on in prisons has to be visible and understandable for the society.  For that purpose the Ministry of Justice has called prison committees – the involvement of citizens and civil society organizations in the prison system will help to guarantee the fundamental rights of imprisoned persons and provides help for the prison administration in its everyday work.

Prison committee helps the prison administration to organize the prison work, among other thing to assist the prison administration in resolving matters related to the placement, learning, working, catering, medical service and surveillance of imprisoned persons, as well as and other matters in connection with the serving of sentence. The work of a prison committee takes place in the form of meetings that are chaired by the chairman of committee. The output of committee resolutions is a decision, recommendation or protest of a prison committee.

In order for a prison committee member to perform the tasks assigned on her/him, several rights are prescribed for a prison committee member from which the most important is the right to enter prison territory at any time, to request documents concerning the prison work from the administration and prison officials and to meet imprisoned persons. The Ministry of Justice considers the inquiries made by as prison committee member a priority.